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Main advantages of using organic bags and packaging:

1. #Together we help reduce environmental pollution

It can take more than 400 years to decompose traditional plastic.

The bags and packaging offered by BIO PACK BG Ltd. use natural products that are produced from renewable sources, such as potato or corn starch.

It is an environmentally friendly alternative to oily and unsustainable materials and can be conveniently composted with food waste.

 Remarkably, they decompose completely in less than 12 weeks.

2. Add significant value to your brand and business

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of plastic bags and plastic packaging.

If your business meets this requirement, you need to make sure your customers know all about it.

At BIO PACK BG Ltd. we work hard to ensure that the products we offer, carry a green message, that can help you proudly show your green ideas and results!

 We are always looking for ways to grow our range of eco-friendly products. The more items we can offer, the less waste goes to the landfill.

Check out our extensive product range at: www.bio-pack.bg. If we do not have a product that meets your needs, then we, with our partners, will do our best to create one specifically for you!

  Our range of products includes: biodegradable bags, cold and hot drinks cups, home food boxes, containers for soups and salads, serving containers, dishes, bowls and trays, sandwich packaging, food boxes, cakes, nuts, cultery, napkins , paper. For the complete range, we offer individual company workwear.

BIO PACK BG Ltd. is the official brand representative of Biopac LTD and BioPak UK for Bulgaria, we are also actively working with Greece and Romania.

The prices stated on the website of BIO PACK BG LTD are without VAT.

First of all, we rely on the highest quality of our products, professional and uncompromising service to you!

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